5 Ways To Style The Perfect Coastal Inspired Bathroom

There is something effortlessly beautiful about the coast. The sound of the waves lapping against the shore. The rush of sea breeze blowing through your hair. It’s no surprise really that so many people find themselves heavily inspired by coastal design when it comes to styling their home. And the beauty of this interior theme is its ability to be interpreted in many different ways. Opt for dashes of blue and white for minimal hints or go all out and create a beach haven. This blog post will suggest 5 ways to style the perfect coastal inspired bathroom in your home.

Use Natural Decoration

We’re not suggesting you scoop up fresh sand and scatter it around your bathroom – although, we’d applaud you if you found a way to do this practically. But styling bare shelves with whitewash pebbles or pieces of driftwood is a subtle way to bring the seaside into your home. And, one thing we love about this tip is how budget-friendly it is. The next time you find yourself walking across a beach, keep an eye out for those small nick nacks that could find their way into your home. Shells are another popular option and can be used in large glass jars to create unique shelf ornaments.

Opt for Natural Ocean Tones

It can be tempting to jump in head first and find the richest blue – afterall, the sky can be boldly beautiful on those warm Summer days. However, for longevity and to create a timeless bathroom, we recommend opting for subtler and more natural ocean tones. Think pastel blues, turquoise hints and even touches of gold to truly bring to life that beach scene you have floating around in your head. The beautiful thing about these colours is, if you decide that coastal isn’t the right style for you in a few years time, you’ll still have a beautiful room that can be altered easily.

Find Nautical Themed Accessories

Probably one of the most obvious points in our list but definitely the most impactful, find home accessories that bring to life the beach that you first fell in love with. Think little wooden beach huts to sit on empty shelves. Or candles imbedded with shells and pebbles to help accentuate the theme. At STC Stores, we also have a range of nautical themed bathroom accessories that you’re sure to love. Our personal favourite? This ‘Welcome on Board’ lifering brings with it a weathered seahorse, traditional boating rope and shells detailing the blue and white frame. Hang on free walls around your bathroom or even on the door to remind people of the coastal haven their about to step into.

Consider all the Unique Places you could Celebrate Coastal Design

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small or larger, there is always space to bring in details from your favourite beach. Our Beach Hut Light Pull is one such example. Not only does it practically work in many bathrooms on a safety front but the adorable little hut is sure to bring a smile to your face. And, even with a white, plain background, guests will still be able to recognise the style you’re moving towards.

Style in your Soft Furnishings

Think towels and opt for beach towels instead, such as our Beach Design Microfibre Towel. Yes, it may be a bit of an out there thought but this tip works perfectly for family homes. Imagine the kids getting out of the bath and wrapping themselves in a brightly coloured beach towel – just picture the smiles on their faces. And, it’s a fun way to feel like you’re always off to the seaside, no matter what time of the year.

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