How to Treat the Ultimate Game of Thrones Fan

Whether they’re Team Stark or Team Lanister, there’s no denying that the fantasy obsession that is Game of Thrones has captured the hearts of many. Even those who normally turned their backs on flying dragons and mythical creatures found themselves lost in it’s magic. So, let’s say you have one of these die-hard GOT fans in your life and a special occasion is coming up. What do you get them that, a. They don’t already have or b. They’ll be dying to show off to their friends. Well, look no further. We’ve got the ultimate gifts list right here.

House of Stark Goblet

Imagine sipping from the same goblet as Sansa or Jon himself? There really is no other way to enjoy a nice gold beverage than in something as authentic as this medieval-style cup. And, imagine how great it will look stood up next to their existing wine glasses – because let’s be honest, nothing will truly compare.

Game of Thrones Set of 4 Coasters

Even those willing to slaughter at the drop of a hat need to protect their furniture, don’t they? Either way, our set of four GOT themed coasters are a small gift that they’re sure to love. Each one features a different sigil of the four main houses – The Starks, The Lanisters, the Targaryens and the Baratheons.

Game of Thrones ‘I Drink And I Know Things’ Drinks Bottle

Even when they’re on the go, true GOT fan’s can easily make sure everyone knows of their obsession. Featuring the iconic phrase from Tyrion Lannister himself, this grey bottle not only keeps your drink cool but helps you help the environment. Win, win situation we think.

Game of Thrones Lannister Wallet

Take it one step further and gift them with our Lannister family wallet. Made from leather-look PU, it features the symbolic golden lion from the family crest with a woven backdrop. Not only a stylish gift but the perfect way for them to show off their dedication to one party.

Anglo Arms Set of 5 GOT Sword Letter Openers in Presentation Box

And, we couldn’t round off the perfect Game of Thrones gift list without this quirky little set. Even if they just use it for decoration, this set of 5 swords are each based on a variation of book and TV show swords. They come already packaged up in a presentation box and are one of those gifts they may actually find themselves using regularly.

We’ve got a wide range of Game of Thrones official merchandise available in our online store. Head over there now and find the right gift for that Thronie in your life.

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