When it comes to decorating your home with trinkets as well as the essentials, it might seem like a hassle if you have to go to so many different shops for everything. Here at STC Stores, you can find everything you might need to decorate your home right here, in one convenient place.

Our home category consists of 21 sections including artificial fruits and flowers, bathroom, bedroom, calendars, candles, clocks, decorations, garden, incense, kitchen, memorials, pets, stationery, umbrellas, doorstops, hot water bottles, lamps and lights, photo frames, reading glasses and holders, relaxation and storage.

As you can see, we have products for every occasion. Whether you are buying something for your own home or plan to gift an item as a house warming gift, we have something for every occasion. In each category, you will find items for your home or useful items for you to use in your home.

In the home category, we also have items that will decorate your home as well as items you can use! For example, we have a selection of hot water bottles and reading glasses, for you to use. We also have items such as doorstops, clocks, calendars and lamps that can be used to decorate your home and they also serve a functional purpose.