English Pewter Gothic Jewellery

For the people that love bold and outrageous jewellery, this English Pewter Gothic Jewellery collection was made for you! Pewter covers a range of tin-based alloys; however, the English Pewter represents a strictly-controlled alloy.

Gothic, on the other hand, refers to a dark and mysterious form of jewellery that is typically defined as massive pendants, collars made or chains and even large rings.

This collection is filled with stunning pieces from large sterling silver pendants, to sterling silver earrings and leather bracelets. Here at STC Stores, we love this collection as it is filled to the brim with bold, details and fashionable pieces. We especially love the Pewter ear wraps and chokers, and each piece would make a creative addition to any outfit.

Every piece in this category would make an ideal gift for any occasion, even as a gift for you. Each piece has been crafted to a high standard and is budget-friendly. Browse through our collection and see which English Pewter Gothic piece catches your eye.

We want you to find the right piece of jewellery that suits your needs! If you have any questions about a certain product in this category, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly and dedicated team today.

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