Relax in ultimate bliss with something from our Inflatables range. Designed to offer support during swimming or simply to give you the best of both worlds in the pool, we have a wide selection of designs to offer. Here at STC Stores, we believe in the importance of enjoying nature to its fullest – particularly by taking a dip or having a splash. We’ve worked hard to bring together a large range of different products into our inflatables collection, each of which is sure to fit the strictest budget and exceed in terms of quality.

Head off on your next Summer holiday armed with our doughnut or unicorn swim ring. Set up a game of water volleyball with our colourful beach balls. Or, let the little ones cool down on the stuffiest days with our Play Pools. We have something here to suit every age. Alongside this, we also have air pumps of all different intensities, so you’ll never have to get out of breath again. If you’ve spotted a hot or air leak, our online store is the place to go for repair adhesive, tuff tape or repair patches. And, we’ve even got can holders and box coolers – all easily inflated and designed to ensure there is a cool can on hand at every opportunity.

We are proud of the wide range of Inflatables we have available here today. If you have any questions about the items in our collection, get in touch with our friendly and experienced staff.

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