The right Wetsuit can transform a dive – turning it from a cold and shivering mess to one where every aspect of the deep blue can be appreciated. At STC Stores, we want you to enjoy our native oceans as much as physically possible while making sure your entire body is protected too. That’s why we’ve pulled together an extensive range of Wetsuits and Wetsuit accessories to fit your needs and your budget. Every item you see here today has been chosen due to popular demand and promises to withstand the rigors of your sport, no matter how passionately you feel towards it.

Browse our online shop to discover everything you’ll need. Our Neoprene fishing gloves keep your hands dry at all times while still allowing for full dexterity with those complex tasks. We stock long johns that hold in the heat and help you to maintain a safe temperature, no matter how chilly the water feels. Our power slippers give your feet the chance to flex with a protective rubber sole that minimizes the risk of injury in different surface conditions. You will also find additional wetsuit accessories right here including knee pads, surf hoods, and full coverage wetsuits – all of which are chosen for their quality and budget-conscious pricing.

We’ve got you covered here at STC Stores, no matter the degree of your expertise with diving. If you have any questions about our wetsuits or the relevant accessories, get in touch with our friendly online team here today.

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