360GT Coastal Biscay Shad lures


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Designed with high speed fishing and fast fishing in mind, the Coastal Biscay Minnow 360GT features a slim and flexible body mounted on a conical jig head with a fixed hook. An additional buttonhole gives you the option of adding an assist hook. This balanced combination of head and body allows you to throw farther in windy coastal conditions and fish faster in troubled waters or when an aggressive presentation is needed. The tail moves subtly and undulates with real action and incredible vibration, even at slow speeds. Each 360GT Coastal Biscay Minnow is designed so that each body matches morphologically and chromatically perfectly with its corresponding jig head. Matched with a high strength VMC® hook.

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Blue Mackerel 2x21g, blue mackerel 2x40g, Green Mackerel 2x19g, green mackerel 2x21g, green Mackerel 2x40g, green mckerel 2x46g, Mullet 2x19g, mullet 2x21g, Mullet 2x24g, mullet 2x46g, Sandeel 2x19g, sandeel 2x21g, Sandeel 2x40g, Sardine 2x19g, sardine 2x40g, White Pearl Sandeel 2x21g, White pearl sandeel 2x24g, white pearl sandeel 2x30g, white pearl sandeel 2x46g






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