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Baphomet Antiquity Figure


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This Baphomet Antique Figure depicts a deity. The story of this deity goes as follows. The Knights Templar was under suspicion of worshipping the deity Baphomet. Baphomet has appeared in a number of heavy metal albums and occult books. This obscure creature has been titled a deity, a demon and symbolic icon that appeared in the 14th Century.

As you can see from this antique figure, Baphomet appears to be a winged human, with a goats head. Between his horns, you will see a torch, as well as a pentagram on his forward.

On his arms, you will see the Latin words, Coagula and Solve, which means join together and separate respectively. This figure measures approximately 25cm, in height and is made from high-quality polyresin. Polyresin is typically used for decorative pieces in the home, including statues, as it is a sturdy material.

You can see the high level of craftsmanship that has gone into creating this antique figure. We are sure it will stand the test of time on display in your home.

The figurine is dark brown/black in colour and has been finished with a bronzed effect wash. Decorative and creative, this figurine would make an interesting gift for anyone who is intrigued by the history of occultism.

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