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Want to improve the card game known as bullshit? Maybe you just want a bullshit button in your kitchen, living room or even bathroom for momentous moments. We can see it now, moments arise and you press down on this button to show your real feelings.

You can relieve the stress of your day with your very own bullshit button. Think about it, this button on your desk, ready for the right moment. The moments you get a whiff of something sh*tty, you can press this button and the six different sequences should instantly stop the perpetrator in their tracks.

The big red button cries out to be pressed, you won’t be able to resist. The loud built-in speaker and the red light will mean that everyone will be aware of the current situation. Imagine this button displayed on your dashboard, desk or wall and it will not be long before you have to press it when in need or in anger.

The bullshit button measures approximately 5cm x 7.5cm, which is the precise size it needs to be in order for it to make an impact.

For your convenience, batteries have been included so you can instantly start calling out bullshit whenever the occasion arises.

This is a creative and funny gift for any occasion that arises.

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