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A simple search of a cactus will show you that a cactus actually symbolises endurance. A cactus is a plant that truly stands the test of time as it thrives even in extreme elements such as weather conditions. This adorable cactus organiser could be the little reminder that you need to show you that you have the ability to endure any difficult situation you might be in.

The cactus organiser features a section for your pens, pencils and rulers. As well as the main section, this cactus also features two cactus arms, which is perfect for hanging different stationery, such as rubber bands. The arms also feature a magnetic core, which is useful if you need somewhere to keep track of your paperclips.

This cactus organiser measures approximately 2.76 x 4.65 x 4.92 inches, which is the perfect size in our opinion to hold your essential stationary. You can place him on the corner of your desk and it will slowly become a part of your d├ęcor.

If you know someone who is constantly losing their stationary, this novelty cactus will help them keep track of their essential stationery. It will sit on their desk and will be a decorative piece, rather than an eyesore.

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