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  • This calculator rocks with 10 realistic drum cymbal sound as you press the keys.
  • 3 cymbal, 3 snare drums and 3 tom tom effects.
  • Comes with silent mode.
  • Measures: 13 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm.
  • Great Gift.

Fully functional calculator that makes realistic drum sound effects as the buttons are pressed. Each number key makes a different sound, with a mix of three toms, snares and cymbals spread across buttons one to nine with the equals sign serving as a base drum. All of the basic functions you'd expect are present, making this an ideal desktop or pencil case gadget. Should it need to be silenced for an exam or other quiet occasions, the drum functions can be turned on and off via a side switch. There is no better gadget to meet the need for drums and sums. Suitable for adults and children alike. Probably not advisable to accompany you to maths lessons!.

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Blue Sky Studios


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