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INDULGE is a unique 100% natural product which prevents a hangover. Nothing can cure a hangover, the trick is to prevent it happening in the first place. INDULGE consists of Milk Thistle, a well known plant extract which has the most beneficial effect upon the liver.

INDULGE also has Vitamins A, C and E which rebalance the body after drinking. Milk Thistle and the Vitamins provide the Antioxidants that combat the effects of drinking alcohol.

Just take 2 of the tablets BEFORE drinking and another 2, a couple of hours later and you will be protected against the usual symptoms, nausea, dizziness, headache and lethargy.

INDULGE works like this. Alcohol releases toxins that disturb the body and brain’s equilibrium. It releases Free Radicals which are uncharged molecules – typically highly reactive, having unpaired electrons. These Free Radicals can cause cell injury which can lead to many disorders. Free Radicals contribute to alcohol induced liver damage. Milk Thistle is a plant, a flowering herb related to the daisy. It is a natural treatment for the liver. So, the Milk Thistle effectively kick starts the liver dispersing the alcohol away from the body. Milk Thistle not only protects the liver from Toxins but it can actually start to regenerate liver tissue. Milk Thistle also improves liver function and blood glucose. Vitamin A is key for cell growth and is also an Antioxidant. Vitamin C is an Antioxidant that helps tissue repair itself. Vitamin E is another Antioxidant and a defence against unstable molecules. Antioxidants act as adjudicators in the body and obstruct the path of Free Radicals. Vitamins C and E should be taken together anyway and they help the absorption of Vitamin A. Bioflavonoids aid the action of Vitamin C, and together they all rebalance the body after a hard nights’ drinking! To be free of Hangovers

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