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Call upon your dearly departed using this mystical classic and wooden spirit board. This wooden spirit board comes with a wooden planchette, which is heart-shaped and is used to spell out words on the board.

The idea is that you place your fingers on the planchette and it is moved to spell out certain words. The words that it spells out have been said to mean something to the participants, but immense belief needs to be present in order for it to be successful.

This entertainment piece would be a great item to have at a themed party or as a decorative piece in your home. The wooden board has been decorated with the heart-shaped planchette in the bottom two corners, while the top two corners feature a crescent moon and sun. On the middle of the board are the 26 letters of the alphabet, with 0-9 below this as well as the word goodbye.

This is sold purely for entertainment purposes and we cannot guarantee that you will have access to the other side. We recommend practising your spells as the outcome relies on the accuracy of the spells.

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