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Named Flashing Zip Lights


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Flashing lights with your name on or a picture that attaches to your zip!
The light has two modes, press once to activate flash and press again to activate light.
The light is set to remain on for 15 minutes then turn of to conserve battery power.
Each name has a certain colour and cannot be changed (these are not personalised).

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Aaron, Abigail, Adam, Alice, Amy, Brooke, Chris, Daisy, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Hannah, Holly, Isaac, Isabel, Joe, Joel, Katie, Laura, Lauren, Leah, Lola, Megan, Millie, Molly, Morgan, Nathan, Reece, Rhys, Jack, Jake, Jamie, Jasmine, Jayden, Jessica, John, Joseph, Joshua, Kai, Kieran, Leo, Lewis, Liam, Libby, Lilly, Lily, Logan, Lucas, Lucy, Luke, Maisie, Mason, Matilda, Matthew, Maya, Mia, Michael, Oliver, Olivia, Owen, Phoebe, Poppy, Rebecca, Riley, Robert, Rosie, Ruby, Ryan, Callum, Cameron, Charles, Charlotte, Chloe, Connor, Daniel, David, Dylan, Edward, Ella, Ellie, Emily, Emma, Erin, Ethan, Eva, Freddie, Freya, George, Georgia, Grace, Harriet, Harrison, Harry, Harvey, Henry, Imogen, Isabelle, Isla, Alex, Amber, Amelia, Amelie, Anna, Ava, Bethany, Alfie, Archie, Evie, Faith, Finley, Gracie, Noah, Oscar, Ben, Abbie, Hollie, Lacey, Layla, Leon, Martha, Princess, Ollie, Special Little Girl, Special Little Boy, Football Crazy, Bailey, Evan, Florence, Harley, Andrew, Julia, Maria, Rachel, Rose, Annabelle, Arthur, Bella, Elsie, Evelyn, Francesca, Josh, Little Monster, Mollie, Special Dad, Special Mum, Special Son, Pink blank, Blue blank, Cars, Flowers, Special mummy, Special daddy, Special daughter, Special sister, Special brother, Special grandaughter, Special grandma, Special grandad, Special auntie, Purple special friend, Blue special friend, Groovy chick, Its a girl thing, Special teacher, They never have my name, They didnt have my name, A, Aiden, Blake, Bobby, C, D, Dexter, Elijah, F, Frankie, G, I, J, Jenson, Jude, L, Louie, Luca, M, N, O, R, Reuben, H, Elliott


John Hinde


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