Old Tupton Ware Yellow Poppy Teddy


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Delicately crafted hand painted “Yellow Poppy” design 3.5″ teddy.

Beautiful collectable from The Old Tupton Ware collection.

Boxed in a plain brown box.

Measurements: approx. 9 cm x 8cm x 7 cm.

Old Tupton Ware: Old Tupton Ware is the brand given to the collection of ceramics, usually tubelined, designed in the UK and produced in the Far East under strict quality control and supervision. The name originates from the village of Old Tupton in Derbyshire, UK and was chosen to reflect the peace, tranquility and beauty of the collection as observed in the idyllic village setting. Most of the design work are produced in the UK but Far Eastern designers have also been used, thus oriental influences may be observed in some patterns. Old Tupton Ware is a fine brand and pieces are very much sought after throughout the world. Whether you are adding to your collection or simply fancy a one-off display piece, you will not be disappointed with an Old Tupton Ware collectable. Old Tupton Ware is a pottery made to the highest standards. Each Old Tupton Ware piece requires more than a dozen steps from original master to the finished product on the shelf. Old Tupton Ware clay pieces are first prepared to give a blemish free surface then fired to 1250 degrees Celsius. The original Old Tupton Ware artwork is then skilfully drawn onto the product followed by hand-crafted tube lining giving the raised effect much admired. Metallic oxide based colours are painted by hand, dried and then repeatedly coloured washed until the desired effect is achieved – that is uniquely Old Tupton Ware. Transparent glaze is applied and the clay is fired again to 800 degrees Celsius to seal the finished product. As each Old Tupton Ware piece is hand made, there will always be small differences from one piece to another which can enhance the product and its collectibility.

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