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Osprey Pro Mask and Snorkel Advanced Dive Set


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  • Set comes complete with a re-usable air dry dive bag with carry handle.
  • Those looking to take their first step/dip into the diving big time will find all of the ingredients needed in this superb Osprey Dive Set. The diving set comes with a quality mask, snorkel and fins for the ultimate underwater experience.
  • The diver's mask has a 4mm tempered glass window which is extremely tough and improves vision underwater. Ability to see underwater is enhanced by an oversize lens which allows a far wider field of vision than traditional two lens designs. The snorkelling mask also features a double edge silicone skirt which increases comfort and prevents water leakage. In the event that water should infiltrate the silicone diving mask its interior purge valve offers easy clearing. As well as a silicone head strap the mask features a push button and swivel buckle system for a superior fit and enhanced comfort.
  • An efficient purge valve system has been incorporated into the dry top snorkel to drain excess water. Other features of the purge valve snorkel include a flexible silicone midsection and a silicone mouth piece helps to prevent jaw fatigue. The open heel design of the buckle adjustable fins vastly improves their durability and propulsion in the water. Not only that but, because they're incredibly lightweight and have a flexible ribbed system, the open heel fins aren't too strenuous to use, generating less fatigue for a vastly improved performance.
  • Those who want to move through the water with the grace of a seal, breathe underwater like a sperm whale and view underwater surroundings with the vision of a dolphin will find the Osprey Dive Set the answer to their prayers.
  • Osprey Dive Set technical information:
  • Single window design with 4mm tempered glass lens.
  • Oversize lenses enhance peripheral vision.
  • Interior purge valve for easy mask clearing.
  • Double edge silicone skirt for extra comfort and leak prevention.
  • Liquid silicone head strap for superior fit.
  • Push button and swivel buckle adjustment system.
  • Silicone snorkel mouthpiece for comfortable fit.
  • Drytop device avoids excessive water infiltration.
  • Efficient draining purge valve.
  • Flexible silicone for optimal face fit.
  • Mask keeper.
  • Open heel fin design for pro diving.
  • Lightweight fins for prolonged use.
  • Easy adjustable buckle system.
  • Flexible ribbed system eliminates fatigue when kicking.

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