Peltor SportTac Electronic Ear Defenders


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The 3M Peltor SportTac Earmuffs Hunting Model smooth level dependent function eliminates abrupt sound cut-off. The 3M Peltor SportTac Earmuffs protects against harmful impulse noise while letting in, and even amplifying, ambient sounds.
SportTac™ earmuffs are developed specifically for hunting and shooting. Interchangeable shells make
it easy to change colour and angled speakers for better direction perception.
* Smooth level dependent function, which eliminates abrupt sound cut-off
* Interchangeable shells makes it easy to change colour
* A pair of orange and green shells included
* Collapsible for easy storage
* SLC80 Rating 24 (Class 4)
* Hearing Protection Style: Foldable/Over the head
* Equipped with automatic shut-off function
* Battery life 600 hr (AAA Batteries 1.5V)
* Model: MT16H210F-478-GN

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