Realistic Decorative Soaps


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Realistic range of decorative soaps.

These soaps have a lot of attention to detail which makes them ultra realistic looking.

Ideal gifts.

Burger Soap = 300 grams, 3.5"/9cm x 3.5"/9cm x 1.75"/4.5cm.

Steak Soap = 135 grams, 4.5"/11.5cm x 2.75"/7cm x 0.75"/2cm.

Fried Egg Soap = 55 grams, 3.75"/9.5cm x 3.5"/9cm x 0.75"/2cm.

Pizza Soap = 135 grams, 5.5"/14cm x 3.5"/9cm x 0.75"/2cm.

French Fries Soap = 100 grams, 3.5"/9cm x 3"/7.5cm x 0.75"/2cm.

Hot Dog Soap = 200 grams, 6"/15cm x 1.75"/4.5cm x 1.75"/4.5cm.

Avocado Soap = 65 grams, 3.5"/9cm x 2"/5cm x 1.25"/3cm.

Cinnamon Bun Soap = 115 grams, 3"/7.5cm x 2.75"/7cm x 0.75"/2cm.

Iced Ring Doughnut Soaps = 120 grams, 2.5"/6.5cm x 2.5"/6.5cm x 0.75"/2cm.

Mince Pie Soap = 100 grams, 2.25"/5.5cm x 2.25"/5.5cm x 1.5"/4cm.

Fruit Pie Soap = 100 grams, 3"/7.5cm x 2.25"/5.5cm x 1.5"/4cm.

Lollie Soap = 100 grams, 4"/10cm x 4.5"/11.5cm x 0.5"1.5cm excluding stick.

Shoe Soap = 140 grams, 5"/12.5cm x 4.5"/11.5cm x 2.5"/6.5cm.

Hammer Soap = 110 grams, 6"/15cm x 3.5"/9cm x 1"/2.5cm.

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Avocado Soap 65gr, Blue Ring Doughnut 120gr, Burger Soap 300gr, Cinnamon Bun Soap 115gr, French Fries Soap 100gr, Fried Egg Soap 55gr, Fruit Pie Soap 100gr, Hammer Soap 110gr, Hot Dog Soap 200gr, Mince Pie Soap 100gr, Pink Ring Doughnut 120gr, Pizza Soap 135gr, Red Shoe Soap 140gr, Steak Soap 135gr, Yellow Lollie Soap 100gr


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