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  • WTF AM I TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH HERE? Be the best at ranking shitty events from the least shitty to the absolute shittiest.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 200 shitty situation cards, each card depicts a shitty event that has happened, or could happen. Some of the situations on the cards are pretty minor (like a flat tyre), and some of them are more problematic (like finding a dead hooker in your bed). Each card has been ranked on our Misery Index.
  • THE MISERY INDEX: The Misery Index is our ranking system that runs from 1 to 100. 'First Grey Hair', that's below 10; 'Find Grandpa's Diary, He Was A Nazi', that over 50; Organ Traffickers Drug You And Steal Your Kidney, that's over 80 (no exact scores were given in this demo)…
  • HOW DID WE RANK THE CARDS? We didn't, a panel of counsellors and therapists did it for us… and they know their shit…
  • THE LINE OF PAIN: After placing your 3 drawn cards down in front of you, you now have a line of pain. To win the card being called out, you don't have to guess the exact number (which would be like, impossible), just decide it's proper place in your line of pain.
  • HOW TO WIN: The first person to accumulate 10 shitty event cards in the correct order wins the game. Congratulations, you are the Ruler of Shit Mountain.
  • Size approx : 16.5 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm.

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