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  • Tulasi Incense is made from pure aromatic ingredients following the tradition passed down over centuries.
  • The history of incense is as old as humanity itself.
  • The Egyptians used it in their daily worship of the Sun-God.
  • The Chinese and Japanese have always burnt it to purify the air and glorify their ancestors.
  • Buddhists and Hindus burn it everyday in temple rituals and domestic offerings to God.
  • For the early Christians, incense symbolised the ascent of their prayers.
  • Different perfumes evoke different moods and memories.
  • Feel the Tulasi incense change the atmosphere around you.
  • Directions for use: Light the tip of the incense stick, gently blow the flame out and place the stick in a holder.
  • Keep away from curtains and soft furnishings.
  • Use it as a natural air freshener or simply enjoy it for the fragrance.

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