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Witchcraft and Wizardry Mug


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  • Have a look at our Symbolic Mug, which has to be on your morning ritual’s table.
  • This mug was created to concentrate all the most important powers in one place and help You to create magic brews and Potions.
  • There are 7 symbols  around the mug. Pentagram – five-pointed star – symbol of faith. Triple Goddess – symbol of the maiden, mother, and crone. Witch’s Knot – symbol of protection against malevolent witchcraft. History tells us the witches used knotted cords to “tie up” the weather, to create circles of protection, and to bind things magically.Hecate’s Circle –  is one of the most powerful symbols available for honoring Hekate and practicing witchcraft. Triquetra –  represents the 3 fundamental elements – air, water, and earth or the infinite cycle of life. It is also known as a rune of protection. Elven Star – symbolizes the sphere of Netzach the seven planets, the seven alchemical metals, and the seven days of the week. Triple Spiral  is one of the main symbols of  Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, often standing for the “three realms” – Land, Sea and Sky.
  • This magic mug will help you to create spiritual atmosphere and develop witchcraft and wizardry skills. 
  • Black mug is important part of wicca.  Black color represents, wisdom, learning, protection, safety, reversing, uncrossing, repelling black magic, banishing negativity, releasing, shape shifting, defense, pride. Gold –  Masculine divinity, great fortune, abundance, prosperity, male energy, understanding, divination, fast luck, solar/sun energy, positive attitude, justice, health, attraction, luxury.  White – All purpose, unity, purity, cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, healing, innocence, rain, truth, consecration, balancing the aura.
  • Use this mug for spelled drinks to get the best result.
  • Measures: 9cm x 7.5cm (not including handle).
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

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Weight 325 g



Norfolk China


Norfolk China


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